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Welcome to Daughter's Deli

Our Story

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My grandparents bought a small Deli in Los Angeles. They operated it successfully for many years when my father later joined their team and worked alongside them for more than four decades. Growing up with a family in the Deli business exposed me to a world of tastes, smells, stories, and experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise. My first job as a little girl was rolling swiss cheese under the supervision of my Nana because I wasn’t old or tall enough to make my catering tray for the holidays. Years later after graduating from college and realizing the restaurant business was in my blood, I went to work with my family as they taught me some of the tricks and trades of the business. I spent fourteen years being mentored by my father's bonding over Family traditions and recipes created by my Nana, Papa, and himself over the years. In 2015, I married a family man who had a passion for the restaurant business. He insists the moment he fell in love with me is when he asked how my day was, and I told him I had to pull my hair back and hand-cut pastrami that day with my dad because we were busy. Three years later after having two sons, I decided to begin a new venture with him to create something like my family had created for me. Daughter’s Deli is a place we hope will emulate the feeling of A Family Tradition while serving quality food.    

-Trisha Langer


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Please reach out with all catering inquiries: 310-652-6552